Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kolob- Week 18

Hello family! 
This was a pretty awesome one! Lots of things happened! We had a great lesson with a lady named Teresa and her  husband Ron. Not the same Theresa getting baptized soon though. This one was a good lesson! We had Bro. Black with us and he answered a lot of questions that I definitely couldn't, so it worked out well. We are meeting again this Tuesday! 

We also taught Jan! it was pretty good! We had Brother Bruce with us to reteach the restoration because she has forgotten it a little bit over time. It was a good!  We asked her to be baptized again, but she said "nah... someday!" She is beginning to move away from her old church, so... baby steps!

We also took Theresa to Liberty Jail! It was great! Bro. Reynolds took us. It was very spiritual as usual, and she said multiple times how pumped she is for her baptism on Friday! She is so excited and I'm pumped for her! It's so amazing to see the progression she has made! I love it. 

The next day we helped the Kaw River Ward with a "lost sheep" activity and they gave us pizza! 

We had Theresa come to church this last Sunday, and we taught "Exaltation." Which she LOVED. But Liberty Jail was amazing, and other than that we mainly were trying to find people this week. And we also had a good zone training. 

One night this week we went to dinner  at Patrick Bruce's house, aaaaannnndddd he bought a
PRACTICE CHANTER!!!!!! aaaaahhhhh and I even got to play it! I have been missing my pipes  sooooo much lately, and that was definitely a blesssing...  This work is truly a blessing of the Lord, I love seeing the changes not only in my life, but others as well. I'm so glad to be here.  

I finished the Book of Mosiah this week. The Book of Mosiah has always been one of my favorites in the Book of Mormon. I love that it shows how influential people are to each other, especially when they are in some sort of leadership position. Mosiah was a righteous ruler, King Noah was a wicked one. Both of their people followed in their ways. But the Lord only helps one way. The people of Mosiah prosper and the people of Noah perish. it is also amazing to see how Mosiah didn't care to be king, and that he even set up the Judge system for after his time. I learned that those who are truly humble are definitely favored of the Lord and receive many blessings. Also, that they are able to help others even when they are gone. He set up a system where people could dwell in righteousness, but more importantly have the agency and ability to do so. He helped bless the lives of many. I hope to be like him someday and to always strive to be a righteous and humble servant continuously forever. 

I know the words of the Book of Mormon are true, and I love sharing it with others. Thanks so much for all the love and support! 

FYI--- Transfers are on the 21st of January, so if you are going to send something, and it wouldn't get here by then, I'd recommend waiting haha. 


~Elder Samuel LaVar Ward

Our car got PUNKED!

With the Zone Leaders at KC Joes. SOOOOO good! 
Elder Torrico and I.... and a daughter of God in the background.

Stopped by the 9/11 Memorial

Best Zone EVA!

Liberty Jail with Theresa, Bro. Reynolds, and Elder Kolacz

and FINALLY.... BAGPIPES!!! (practice chanter) "If You Could Hie to Kolob"

Shout out to Grant Harbison... Wish we could have them harmonies! haha

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