Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 26- Modeling at the Monument

Hellooooo!!!! How's it going y'all!!

This was a really good week!!!!!  We had a really good lesson with Kylie!!! She and Robby wanted to give us a really good meal. So we went over on Tuesday and they had basically the greatest food ever!!! Crab legs, crawfish, shrimp, potatoes, etc. HOLY COW IT WAS AMAZING!!! They
are just super awesome and working very hard to make March 26th happen!! We taught her the baptismal interview questions. So she is officially done with the preach my gospel lessons!! And we are really going to start focusing on Book of Mormon stuff. So that's really cool!! 

We also did a lot of finding this week. We got 2 new investigators. 1 from the area book of potentials, and another one from a referral! The area book one is named Ambrose. We went there last night with one of the Young Men. Ambrose is like 80 years old and extremely deaf. He thought we were supposed to come tonight. So last night he didn't have his hearing aids in, and he apparently has to do
some serious prep in order to put them in. I dont really know... but I sat right next to
him. And basically had to scream the Book of Mormon to him 

Him: (smiling) What?

...that went on for about 15 minutes then he started talking about the government and we left. We are gonna go back tomorrow when he has his hearing aids!! Hooray! 

We had a lesson with the refferal Rigo, but he cancelled... :( also.... BAD NEWS.... Cheryl and Steve DROPPED US. So sad! :( I cried a little bit. But we got some new gators so it's ok. It was really sad but it's all part of it!! Hopefully they will turn around soon.  

Also, we did some good service!!! We went to the Ray County Museum and did some cleaning and playing with stuff. So that was fun!! We went to the Dunlaps and did some service. I packed a wheel bearing, (thanks dad and Thor) we helped with some animal stuff, and moved a shed!! So a pretty great week! I love doing service like that!

Spiritual Time: ~ I received some great revelations this week. I read in Alma 46:12-15 about Moroni and the title of Liberty. That has always been one of my favorite events that took place. I love how
courageous he was to defend the amazing gifts he has been given. And even to help other people see the blessings of freedom they have, and to defend it, even if it takes bloodshed. It reminded me of the
amazing country I live in. For the ability and freedom I even have to be a missionary and to believe in God, to have a wonderful family, power to vote, etc. I realized that this land has been and is a land
of promise, even from ancient times until now. A land of freedom. That was another confirming witness for me of the Book of Mormon and the Divinity of this Land. I know it is true. I know that these things actually happened. And that Jesus Christ Lives.

I love all of you! I survived transfers! And awesome things happened!! Elder Kirkham, my MTC companion is in my district! And he's district leader so I'll get to go on exchanges with him! Also, elder Timmreck my other. MTC comp is in my zone!! Crazy!! I love all of you!!  Have a
wonderful week!! Sorry for the super short email.
~Elder Samuel LaVar Ward

Last District!

Seafood Medley

Face Swap! #mrsdoubtfire

Ray County Museum

Model shots! At the 3 Witness Monument

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