Monday, September 28, 2015

#AllTheService - Week 4

Helllooo!!! This week has been pretty grand. We have done so much service this week!! Holy cow! We helped 2 people move this week, I hate moving, but somehow, it's a lot easier with 15 missionaries helping! haha. So that was one of them, but another person we helped move was only Elder Kolacz and I, and the Sisters haha, so that was a little slower, but it was still awesome! Then, we went to paint a deck! It was me and Elder Kolacz, and the sisters again... we ended up doing it twice because I guess they didn't like the first color, so they changed it and had us come paint a new color on haha. It was a good time and they were a super nice family! Mainly this week, Elder Kolacz and I have been hunting down these potential investigators that were on our list... turns out they were ALL bum addresses! So lame! But at least we were able to clear up the list for the future missionaries going to serve here, and now we can focus more on finding people. We met one new guy named Jamek! He was a very nice guy and let us in, he was intrigued at the idea of missionaries in general; he let us in, we shared the video "choose this day" with him and talked about the restoration and where the Book of Mormon came from. He was very interested in it, and we have a return apportionment with him on Saturday! So i'll let you know how that goes! We have another appointment with our another investigator Derek, tomorrow. He has some issues with certain members of the ward, so we will try to clear that up. He commited with us last week to read 3 Nephi 11 and pray about it. The reasoning is that he didn't think Christ came to the Americas and ministered here, so that chapter talks about that, and what Christ did here. So we will talk this week about some more concerns he may have, and what his testimony of the Book of Mormon is right now. Elder Kolacz and I are still getting along well. It's been tough not really having any luck finding many people, but hopefully that will turn around this week. Also, what is the deal with people being jerks? So lame! But it's worth it, because every now and then we meet someone who is the nicest person as can be. Even though they may not be interested in the gospel, there is a pleasant conversation, and you can see the plain good in them, it's great. We had pizza 5 days in a row this week. Oooohhh my gosh haha. I thought I liked pizza, but that's beginning to change. It just ends up being the easiest thing people can feed us. But that's okay because we meet their awesome families, and generally walk most of it off. I. GOT. MY. IPAD!!!! It's so beautiful!! It's an Ipad mini 2, space grey, 32GB. I've got a sweet picture of Jesus in the background..on my retina display ;) Things are definitely going pretty swell here in Lenexa. The ward is humongous, but that definitely is a good thing, especially for investigators. Being able to have a few hours in the morning to read the Book of Mormon is definitely one of my FAVORITE THINGS. I'm in 3 Nephi right now. I love that book so much. It talks about Christs ministry here, and what his Character was. I hope someday to have the Character of Christ and to be like him. I love being out here in the Mission field. It's so cool to be meeting new people and finally getting some sort of routine. I love the Lord, and I love you!! Thanks so much for all the letters, emails, packages, etc. I'm not sure if you know how much, but it helps A LOT!! I love it, and am so thankful for it. So thanks again. Be sure to read your Book of Mormon this week, and to pray about it! You'll be glad you did! I know I am! and I know other people here soon will be as well; until next week!! love you all!
~Elder Samuel LaVar Ward

                                                              iPad of life!
                               I saw the Lunar Eclipse last night, so that was pretty cool!

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