Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#Blessed - Week 3

HOOOLLLLYY CCOOOWWW, Missouri is awesome. We woke up at 3:45 am on Wednesday and flew out to good ole Missouri at about 9. The airplane was SO COOL!! I can't wait to ride one again. President Vest is super nice, not what I expected, but very nice. The first thing we did was go to the temple and take pictures, we didnt go inside :( But it was cool to be there anyway. We then went to Historic Liberty Jail. Yeah, the Joseph Smith one. They have a wonderful visitors center there, and the presentation was amazing. After that, we went to the Independence visitors center...directly across the street from the Community of Christ Temple hahaha, I thought that was funny. What an interesting building! The visitors center was amazing though! You could definitely feel the spirit, and know that the things there were true. After that, we went to the Mission Home and had further instruction about missionary stuff. We spent the night there, I got really sick of all the weird and annoying Elders that came out with me. There's only like 3 normal people in that group. So I was definitely glad to wake up and meet my new companion. Speaking of which. He is TOTALLY AWESOME!!  His name is Elder Kolacz, (Pronounced "Kolaz" th c is silent) he is an awesome trainer, and has helped me a lot with homesickness. I think he really cares about me and has given me tons of great counsel for that. Also, pretty much all of my favorite things from home are in my mission. We have a full time car in our area... A 2015 VW JETTA BABY!!! Although I dont get to drive it yet, it's still stellar. Also.......IPADS!! IPADS!! IPADS!!! #APPLE AAHH!!l Literally the best thing ever. They had a shipment come out last week... but they weren't church configured... so they had to send them back :( But I think I should get mine either today or tomorrow!! SO THAT WILL BE SUPER AWESOME!! Also, we get to keep them when we go home!! AAHH!!!! so pumped!! Elder Kolacz and I were assigned to open up a brand new area to Elders. We are actually in a place called Lenexa Kansas, in the Chapel Hill ward. Its a great ward, but its HUGE!! Luckily we have a full time car for this area, there is a ton of work to do here...LOTS of less actives that need reactivating. We went tracting and have 2 potential investigators, and a few referrals, so we will see how that goes, nothing solid yet though. We did some service! I got to use some of my farming and treeing skills! We chopped down a tree! I was going to ask for a hunk of wood to send to Doc, but i figured shipping may be a little hard. We met a lot of really nice people...we have dinner scheduled every night of the week for two months, so thats good! We haven't even had to eat spaghetti yet!  The ward Mission leader, Brother Reynolds is super involved, and I really like that about him. The sisters in our area have helped us out a ton, and have given lots of names. We will be sure to go see them all this week. I'm really good at not being homesick when i'm seeing and meeting people, but the last couple hours before sleep, and the first few after I wake up are excruciatingly hard. But I LOVE the scripture study, being able to read and study whatever I want at my own pace has been really helpful and relaxing. UUUMMM the music thing is a BUST. Only hymns and EFY music is allowed...BUT after thanksgiving, we can listen to ANY Christmas we want, including T Swift! So be ready to send some CD's!! Also! if y'all want to send different arrangements of hymns, that would be super awesome as well! Anything a Capella is great or even like upbeat funky hymns are swell too! I do miss SOME things about the MTC, but compared to the field, I really don't miss it at all. and thats ok! It definitely trained me well!! We get to go to the temple once a quarter, so i'll go in January sometime...i'm excited for that! I can see the Lord's blessings already, I know it will definitely get harder in the area and people wise over the mission though, so i'll appreciate what I have now. I'm kind of in the rich part of the mission, so that's a plus haha. We live at a members house right now with the last name of Lee, they are really nice, we do our studies on a screened in porch, which I LOVE! MOM if you could see this place, I have no doubt you'd move here in a heartbeat, the homes are beautiful, and all the green is amazing, but I do personally miss the mountains. but I have really cool hills!! Thats about all I have for this week, i'll try and load some pics. Thanks so much for the Emails!!!! They help a lot!! I'll be able to read them whenever I want once I have my ipad, but will only be able to reply on Pday. I hope everthing and everyone is doing well!! The temp here is not hot, and the humidity is low, so it feels good. :) I can't wait to get some investigators and be able to make people happy! This week alone has greatly improved my testimony of Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ. I love that. I've read a lot of the Samuel the Lamanite story this week, and I hope I can be like him. Thanks for all that y'all do! I'll give the address, but beware, I may have to move in this next week or two because the Lees may move to Arizona, but for now, the address is 5702 Alden ct. Shawnee Kansas 66216 Also, if you send a package, make sure you send it priority! Because it will only go to my house directly that way, others it will just go to the mission office and it may be weeks before I get it. I don't know why though haha. Anyways, I love all of you! I Love the gospel, and I love the mission! Keep in touch! #Blessed #LDS #Mission #Ipad #VW #Missouri/Kansas #Zion
~Elder Samuel LaVar Ward

                                                  On my flight over here!
                                                       Historic Liberty Jail
                                                      The Community of Christ Temple.
                                                    We found Bronco fans!
                                  The only picture Elder Kolacz and I have taken so far.
                                                          I found Boise!

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