Monday, October 19, 2015

#Burma - Week 7

Another one down! This week was good! Elder Kolacz and I moved into our new apartment! It's REALLY nice. We live more central in our ward now so we will be saving a lot of miles and time on driving. And we can utilize bikes more! We live in a place called royal ridge apartments, fancy... I know.  It is actually the nicest apartment in the mission right now because we are the first elders to live in it! We also have brand new everything too. New pots, pans, plates, an iron, beds, etc.  It's really awesome, we feel super spoiled. It's going to suck to get transferred and have to live in gross places. The best part about it, is that it's CLEAN! 😱 and we have new carpet!

As for missionary work, it was also a really good week! We met some new people, got some referrals, and had some lessons. A couple things awesome that happened is 1. We met with Ron Wilhelmi again last Tuesday. Ron only has a reading level of about a 3rd grader. So he doesn't really like to "read" the Book of Mormon, so we told him to download the gospel library app and listen to it instead. He has taken missionary discussions for a few years now, and has only gotten to lesson two. So we are going to start changing stuff up with him. We started talking about the beginning with him to see if he even had a testimony about the Book if Mormon at all. He definitely didn't. He thought that you had to read the entire thing and THEN pray about it. We told him no. Pray about what you read everyday! Even if it's just a verse! He had never thought about that and is going to start trying it. He also made a commitment to come to church, and he CAME! I think he liked it! He was really happy and talked to a lot of people, he also had some very good discussion in the lessons as well. He works for the Royals and is working a lot. He usually leaves early in the morning and doesn't get back till way late at night. So he finds it hard to find time to pray. But we told him other wise. If he just does it, He will be blessed and WILL receive the truth. Hopefully he does it! 

Also, we went on exchanges this week. I went with our district leader, Elder Hansen, we stayed in my area and talked to a lot of people. One of them being a man named Cedric. We met Cedric by visiting a member and when we were leaving, he was walking out to his car across the street. So we stopped him and talked a bit. We then went to see him again a week later (this last week) on exchanges. We knocked on the door, he let us in, we gave the entire first discussion in his entry way. He asked if he could come to church, we said uh, yes! Aaaannnnnnddddddd, he didn't show up..... 😩 so we walked over to his house right after church to see what the deal was, he had "surprise company and wasn't feeling good" which he really didn't look good, I may have detected some pink eye. So we set a return appointment for Wednesday afternoon and will get him going!  He is a super cool black guy school bus driver, with a HUGE goatee. 

That's basically been our week! I guess another thing is we were at the library doing some iPad training and a guy came up to us and said, "I've been thinking about being a Mormon, do you guys know how I might be able to do that?" We set an appointment. I'm not sure what it is about our missionary get up, but it seems to draw people in I guess. It's pretty great, we also get free food a lot. #MissionaryLife. 

We also met a guy in an apartment complex down the road named Van. He looks about 15 yrs old with the dirtiest mustache I've ever seen. He was out back in a sandpit with a million Burmese people playing a game of schin? (Cheen) idk how to spell it. Burmese. But we talked to some of them, they are Baptist. They were really interested and we set an appointment with like 15 people for Thursday. So we will see how that goes! They need to teach us how to play their game! It looks like a mix of volleyball and hacky-sac. They were ninja kicking a bamboo ball over the net at lightning speed. I must learn. It was a good week! The Lord is good! Thanks for all the support at home! I love you all! Keep the faith!

-Elder Samuel LaVar Ward.

 Leaving the Lees house.
 Goodbye to the beloved screen porch! 

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