Monday, October 12, 2015

#HitTheDeck - Week 6

What a crazy week! There has been a lot happening! We have done a ton of service this week! We painted yet another deck. It took like 7 hours because it was so huge, the paint was really thick, and they wanted texture. But it was nice to be outside and doing something. We are going back next saturday to do coat #2. This time the sisters will be there, and I guess we will have some other things to do there as well. We got a new bishopric in the ward last Sunday! It was kind of weird, people were crying, and sacrament went 2 hours with all of the testimonies. Is that even church legal? Oh well. You can really tell how much the people in this ward love each other! It's  awesome, and they are so awesome at being missionaries! They always take us places and they talk to EVERYONE about the gospel. It's really cool. I finally got a bike. So now we can go to an area somewhere, park the car, and bike around to people. That will be really refreshing and I think a better way of contacting people. We only got to meet with one of our investigators this week, Ron Wilhelmi. He is a man that struggles with some pretty severe anger management, and has a lot of personal issues. I usually get some sort of headache whenever I go there, but that just shows how much he really needs the gospel! He is content to never be baptized he said. He said if that was our purpose we may as well leave beacuse we are wasting each others time. So that posed to be a bit awkward, but that's what they all say before they actually get baptized. so we are going to keep going. haha. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation. He has met with about 5 sets of missionaries but they never followed up! So he only got to half way through lesson 2! SSOO LAAAMMEE!! But that's why we are here now! We have set appointments with him EVERY Tuesday at 10. So we can always follow up, and encourage him. He is pretty awesome. he works with the Cardinals baseball team. So thats his only day off. I guess they are pretty good or something. Instead of everything being BSU its either Royals, Chiefs, or Cardinals. Never heard of any of them before I got here. But that's cool that there is something cool here too! So we taught the 3 Kingdoms of Glory to him. Which he didn't seem to like at first. He didnt like the idea that his father in jail could potentially be in the same kingdom as he. But we explained that you cant worry about that. His salvation is his, and yours is yours. The atonement is for EVERYBODY! Which is so awesome! He said that makes more sense, and I said even if he did get into the same kingdom, he didn't ever have to see him if he didnt want, that made him feel better! haha. And we don't usually talk about outer darkness when we teach, because it is so hard to get into, and really kinda drives the spirit in our teaching out in a way. But I felt we should talk about it, so we did. He liked that there was in fact a "Hell" for people and that not EVERYONE can have a degree of glory. We further explained the requirements to get there, and really how difficult it is to get there anyways, but he was really intrigued by it, and it made the kingdoms seem very much more pleasing and acceptable to him. So we will see if he kept his commitments on his reading for the week, and see what happens tomorrow! This week will be good! We have more service lined up, and will get to see Megan again and teach her lesson 2! The Alpha and Omega mission is doing well, we have over 350 baptisms this year so far, with a goal of 400 something. So we are working hard to meet it! But it's all about enduring to the end! So we spend just as much time, if not more time contacting and trying to reactivate less actives! We got a few to come to church this week! I think they enjoyed it. We'll try to get them to come more often...hopefully every week soon! Thanks for all the letters and prayers! I feel them working! Time is going by fairly quick! It's crazy to think Halloween is already coming! I look at my pumpkin Matilda everyday and get so excited! I guess Halloween is sort of our "day off" because we have to be inside by 5pm. Hopefully we can go to a trunk or treat or something. Thanks for everything! Hope all is well!! I Love you!!
~Elder Ward
(Also the tornado sirens go off every first Wednesday, try not to freak out as much as i did) ;)
Also, we found a sword.

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