Monday, November 2, 2015

Do or do not, there is no try- Week 9

Hello all! What an amazing week! Lots got done this week! The Lord is truly hastening his work! 

Elder Kolacz and I got 2 new official investigators this week. Theresa and Maria. We met them like 2 weeks ago on a trailer park. We have helped them move a lot of stuff into a new trailer. We finally got to teach Maria the restoration last night. Brother Tady,  our ward mission leader came as well. It was awesome. She had a lot of good questions and brought up some things from other bible translations that I had never heard of before. It was really weird, but really interesting... I think I now know where vampires come from...Long story.
But she liked the restoration! She also has really never learned anything about Jesus Christ. So we got to teach her some of that before anything, because He is the man. 

Along with that, we had 6 appointment cancellations this week... The Kansas City Royals games have taken this place over! Blue crowns all over the place, fireworks literally every night, and lots of gunshots. I'm not sure why though... 

One of our investigators, Ron Wilhelmi has had to cancel on us three weeks in a row because of the games. I'm ready for them to end. But I have no idea how it works. Hopefully soon. It's probably bad that I have seen more baseball games on my mission than I have my entire life. ITS EVERYWHERE! BUT ITS SO COOL! I refrain from it though.... 

Also. Trunk or treat was awesome. None of the people who said they would come, came. So that was depressing. But Elder Kolacz and I bought some candy and taped pass along cards to all of them. And then gathered everyone at the end to tell them to pass it along. The even was inside because it was
hardcore raining. So we ended up decorating a classroom instead of a door. We shared a classroom with the Wills, who are from Boise. They are awesome! I need to get me some BSU gear to show off to them someday. 

But it was also a really sad week for the Chapel Hill Ward. We lost the sister missionaries. :( Sister Currie went home and Sister Fletcher was transferred to Iola. So that was depressing. But
we got all of their investigators! We have already been dropped by one. Haha but in our transition lesson with one named Ricardo, WE PUT HIM ON DATE! (For baptism) Sister Currie suggested the end of January, But Elder Kolacz and I are going to try to help him move it up to December sometime, or at least beginning of January..... But all his family is anti and pump him full of lies. So we will see how that goes. 

But over all a really good week. We are so excited for this week because we've got some really solid appointments. So I'll keep you posted! Thanks so much for all the wonderful Halloween packages
birthday packages/cards and letters! They mean so much to me and definitely help things move along. Keep on reading scriptures! I love you all!

-Elder Samuel LaVar Ward.

Also, everything is Star Wars just as much as it is Royals. Shout out to Whitney Brewer and the tribe for all the awesome Star Wars candy, thanks! I love you!

Our Halloween present from Will Dilullo and Linda Clayton

Our Trunk or Treat room

RSL hat from Whitney Brewer... plus a Harry Potter chocolate frog, complete with Professor Quirrell trading card. YES!

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  1. I don't know if you get to watch much Youtube these days Samuel but you have to add this to the list of new tunes to learn when you come back: