Monday, November 23, 2015

Still Doing the Missionary Thing! -Week 11

Hello all! 
Holy cow! What a crazy and amazing week! Lots and lots happened! We had a pretty regular day on Tuesday. Everyone canceling on us. 
But we did some street contacting and met lots of people. We met someone named Bernadette last week and we have an appointment next week! 

We saw the Burmese family! They were awesome! I hope they keep commitments this week though, it was cool. We sat on a Burmese rug thing the whole time. I am a little worried however that they may just be being nice and letting us come in to teach, like maybe it's apart of their culture, I don't know, but we are not giving up yet! 

Also, We got SUPER awesome referrals from the church and Kaw River Ward sisters. I was on the phone with the MTC for about an hour talking about one of them. I didn't think I'd ever have to talk to any of those people again haha....But the contact's name is JR. We were supposed to meet with him yesterday but something came up. 

But Monica, (the one we got from the Kaw River sisters) is #Gold. She is in a very rough patch of life. She has been contacted by like 5 members she has never met and 3 sets of missionaries in the last week. Sssooooo, she recognizes that it's God organizing that, and we are teaching a lesson tonight! Soooooooo sweet! 

We also went on exchanges this week, I went with Elder Llii from Samoa! He is so awesome! It was his 1 year mark so we went and got food, and I baked a cake and hung a birthday thing. It was great. We also went to Oklahoma Joes, which was obviously a life changer. 

None of our 7 people that committed to come to church came, buuuuttt, there's always next week! It's been a good week! Starting to get pretty cold and wet. It been raining all week and there were 4 tornadoes warnings, I thought I was going to die. But I'm sure it only gets worse! Hahaha. 

We also have Theresa on date for baptism! So that is awesome! I can't remember if that was last week or not though. But it's January 15!! I hope to be here still! Things are great in good ol Kansas., thanks for all that you do! I love you all!

-Elder Ward 

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