Friday, April 8, 2016

Wood Heights Warriors- Week 30

Hey family!

This has been a splendid week.  Like I said on Friday, we didn't have P-day on Monday this week because we went to the temple!! That was so amazing!

The missionary work last week was good as usual! We saw a LOT of less active and recent convert members. It was really good! A lot of them we have invited to work towards receiving a temple recommend! And I think a few will!!

We had some pretty good adventures this week. I went on an exchange with Elder Kirkham to the Kearney 1st Ward. We did some good stuff. Their apartment was disgusting though haha. So we spent a little while cleaning it and making it more worthy for the Holy Ghost to be there.

It was really nice, and I think it helped out their companionship a little bit. But while we were there we had an AMAZING dinner appointment with a family in their ward. It was actually really great because the dad of that family actually came to Kylie's Baptism!! It was way awesome!! Their last name is Romero. He works with Robby on the rail yard and they are super cool. We had pizza and had a wonderful lesson with them. The kids were super nice and very smart. We showed them the Mormon Message "Reclaimed" which is probably my most favorite one. They had lots of great comments. We of course asked if there was anyone they had been working with to share the gospel with. And they hadn't, but they said they have a friend who once took the missionary lessons, and even had a baptismal date. But something happened and she kinda stopped with everything. So they said they are going to try to get her back in action and have her and the missionaries over. SO that will be great for them! 

Other events that happened, Elder Taylor and I drove out to a less actives house past Richmond, way in the middle of nowhere, #AllTheDirtRoads.  Well we wanted to invite him to stake conference. He hasn't been to church for years! So we get there, he's peeking from his front door, and I initially actually thought he had a shotgun haha. But luckily he didn't. We went and talked to him, he was very nice, and even asked for a Book of Mormon! So we gave him one. It was a great chat and we will probably go back this week!

On the way back we stopped by a place called "Taylor roadside park" Elder Taylor wanted a pic by the sign, it was pretty cool. Kind of a gross little place, but the idea is nice!! I even attempted to skip a rock in the muddy crick. Haha. 

Well, the highlight of the week was of course the Temple as well as General Conference. We went to the temple early Friday morning. The Kansas City Missouri Temple is such a beautiful House of the Lord. I love the architecture and all the beautiful symbolism. We went there and did a session. The rooms inside are SO beautiful. For those who may not know, there is a room inside every temple called the Celestial Room, this room is meant to symbolize eternal life, in the presence of God. It is truly the closest place on Earth to Heaven and there is so much peace and revelation there. My favorite thing about the temple is that it's quiet. People talk in a whisper, and nobody bothers you haha. I Truly did feel so much peace there as always, and have gained so much insight about how God cares and loves all of us, and that he has a plan of happiness for us all.

General Conference was also a very big testimony builder to me. The Prophets and Servants of God always shed a new light on Gods Plan for us. I loved that the theme for this conference was mostly focused on the Lord Jesus Christ, and Eternal Families. I know that Families can be eternal, because of Christ and the Holy Priesthood. I know that the Holy Temples are the place where we can obtain such blessings of eternity. I am so grateful for this knowledge, that Christ lives, He is the Savior of the World, and that my family can be united forever, for time and Eternity. Heavenly Father truly Loves each of us, and as we seek And live the restored gospel, many many more blessings of eternity follow. I witness that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Gods true and living church on the Earth today, it is organized the way He intends, and is more importantly run by the
Savior himself.

I love you all. Thanks so much for all you do! Have a wonderful week!!!!!

~Elder Samuel LaVar Ward

We didn't have time to take sweet pics at the temple because someone offered to take us out to lunch, so this is the only picture I got. I promise I will get better ones next time!

This is the guy that took us to lunch! He is the uncle of Ashley Smith-
the Chapel Hill Ward Snowball fight and Nerf War family ;) 

We baked Sister Peterson a cake for her birthday!
Taylor Road Side Park

This is Stacy. He is super blind and couldn't read with us until the state provided him with this new gadget! 
Merry Easter!

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