Tuesday, May 24, 2016

BBQ and Baptismal Dates- Week 37

Hey family!!!  How's it going?!?!

Elder Parker and I had a fantastic week!!

We started off this week by going to see a Sister Stevens, she is a super awesome lady. We go and see her every other week or so.  She is super cool and she has been coming back to church!!

We hadn't heard from Elizabeth Like all of last week until the end. She apparently did NOT move to Kansas, so that's really cool. She is living in Excelsior right now! So we met her at a park, and Sister Conner came!! It was really awesome! We shared a video called "A Mother's Hope" it was very touching, she really liked it. Sis. Conner
was super awesome! She gave an awesome testimony and offered to pick Elizabeth up for church! So she was commited.. Haha, buuuuttt Sister Conner went to go pick her up, and she didn't answer the phone or door, so that was mega depressing. But church was super awesome! We had really awesome talks, and a great Gospel Principles class. We called Elizabeth after church, and she had already actually called Sis. Conner and apologized, which was good. Apparently she had missed the alarm or something like that. She was super sad and really wanted to go to church, she even got clothes and everything! So we will try again next week!

We also met with some people named Ryan and Renae. They are nice. They were a referral from her mom out in California. They just moved into a new apartment. So they are still trying to get all settled and everything. Sis. Wenig the relief society president went over to meet them. and Renee asked how she could be baptized!!! So that was definitely a huge blessing!! We went over there with a Brother Lauffney, and taught the restoration. Apparently she has had the desire to be baptized before, but couldn't at that time. But she wants to again, and now her husband is also interested! We set a baptismal date with them for June 25th!! So we will be helping them a lot in the next weeks, and we hope that they prepare!! They couldn't make it to church yesterday, but I think they are planning for next week!!

We also met with a part member family the McClures a few times. They are doing well. Haven't been keeping their commitments, so we will need to talk to them about that. But they are really awesome and a super awesome couple!! Talina has been reading and seems to be excited about getting her husband to read!!!

Haven't heard anything from Caleb this week, he has avoided us and Kimberlyn, which is sad, but hopefully this week we will hear something!

#DaSpirit: well as we said, this was a super awesome week for multiple reasons! We found new investigators and got people on date! But my favorite part of this week happened last night! We called up Elizabeth wanting to meet with her cause she didn't come to church. So we decided that we wanted to do a church tour with her, because she has never even set foot in The building and perhaps maybe she was just a little frightened about it. So we met her at the park with Brother and Sister Parkin, picked Elizabeth and her son Braiden up and headed to the church! Started with a prayer and walked up to the sign out front, explained the significance of that, headed inside and walked around the various rooms, explained their purpose and the associated groups or individuals and what happens inside them! It was very very spiritual and touching. We explained a lot of the art on The walls, the symbol of the steeple, and most importantly the Sacrament. We Walked Into the chapel   And the spirit was very very strong. We asked her about her thoughts and feelings and she didn't really open up too well. But I fully know that she did feel the spirit way strong. And we helped her to identify it a bit. I saw her as we started and of course she was happy and everything, but as we progressed through the building, I just saw her smile get so much bigger and bigger, it was so awesome! We ended in front of the baptismal font, she just seemed so. Happy She had a date for baptism this weekend, the 28th, but things just weren't progressing for that day. She still has very much the desire to be baptized, so we set a new date with her for June 25th as well! She is so excited!! We asked her What her thoughts were at that point. And she just said she was very happy and that she likes the church and thinks it's for her! So that was way awesome!!! We are way excited! I know the Lord truly does place those in our path who are prepared!! Will keep you updated!! Love you all!!

~Elder Samuel LaVar Ward

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