Monday, May 9, 2016

Your Mom Goes to College- Week 35

Hello family! This was a pretty dang awesome week!

The beginning of the week was pretty good. We went and saw a bunch of potential investigators on our list. None of them really panned out. They all took some literature but were not super interested. So we'll see if any call back!

I went on exchanges to Kearney 1st ward with Elder Papworth, he's pretty awesome. We had a good time. They have a pretty rough ward to work with, but it seems like the Lord is starting to open up work there. They have a couple more investigators there now.

We met with a part member family named the McClures. They are doing really well. We taught them the restoration last week and they have even read a little bit! But that day, Elder Parker and Kirkham went to go see Judy on exchanges. They read some scriptures with her and something to really cool happened! And I wasn't even there for it! 
      So they were reading, finished the chapter and we're talking about it. And then her clock chimed. Which the Elders didn't make anything if at the time. But the clock has no batteries in it! She asked them if they heard it and they said yes. Apparently the clocks chimes randomly every now and then, but she knows it means something. She said her deceased mother chimes the clock whenever she is supposed to do something, or the spirit is really strong. She shared some cool experiences with them. She said her mom was there telling her that the message is true!! So hopefully she will take to that!

We also met with our investigator Elizabeth! She is doing awesome! We read 3rd Nephi 11 with her! Bro. Parkin came with us and we had a super duper awesome lesson! 3rd Nephi 11 talks about, (which we weren't even really planning to talk about, but we sorta did)  then all the sudden Elder Parker asks her if she wants to be baptized, and she said yes! She committed to coming to church and stuff! She seemed really super excited! Her date is for May 28th. So hopefully that all works out! Buuutttt. We got a text from her at like 6:50 am Sunday morning saying that she had been invited to the first baptist church in Richmond and wanted to check that out also, so darn, we are going to the visitors center with her tomorrow though, so hopefully that will change stuff around. We are super excited though! I think she is good to go, just still figuring stuff out.

Sppiiirrriiiittttt: Well Mother's Day was AMAZING!!!! I Cried wwwaayyyy too much haha but it was SSOO. Good! Love my mother and my family.  The Spirit bore witness to me that my family sure can be together forever. I love that knowledge and I know it's true. I love the gospel and am so thankful to be a missionary!! Thanks for all that all of you do!! I love you all!

~Elder Samuel LaVar Ward

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