Wednesday, December 30, 2015

In the Sun He Melted- (I'm wearing short sleeves!)- Week 16

Hello people! We had a super good week! We got a few new investigators! So that's cool! We had to drop one for a price though... Ricardo. He's just not been getting back to us and is uninterested it seems now, so that's no fun. 

But we did get a lot of work done! We saw Monica 3 times this week and shared with her the Plan of Salvation! She loved it and hopefully has been reading and praying about it! She's in a really rough patch of life, but realizes she needs to make some changes and she's so pumped! 

We also went on exchanges this week! I went with Elder Burke to his area and it was so fun! We dropped a few people with him but also found a ton of new investigators! So that was fun! Unfortunately I missed going to the
visitors center with Theresa, but she said she had a great time with Elder Kolacz and Ili. So that's good! We are teaching her about temples this week!  Also, we got a ton of referrals this week, from
headquarters and members! 'The Savior is Born' initiative is working awesome! So pumped! We got like 4 new investigators from it, but we will see how promising any of them are before I give a report on them.

So, I was reading the King Follet sermon by Joseph Smith this week and learned a lot. I learned a lot about the nature of God, and how important it is to know about the nature of God. It's important so we know how to approach Him and report to him, as well as ask for things. I've definitely seen a HUGE increase in the sacredness of my prayers and my general relationship with him. He's truly amazing, so much that we can barely comprehend. The things he has revealed to us are by very sacred and amazing power, and it's such an honor to share that with
everyone here in KCK. I love this work so much, it makes me so happy. 

Also, Christmas is going to be awesome! I'm so excited for it! And it's such a huge tool in sharing the gospel. Make sure you use it while you can! I love you all so much! Thanks for the letters and everything! See you soon!

-Elder Samuel LaVar Ward.
Selfie with Elder Burke

We decorated ANOTHER tree. ha!

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