Wednesday, December 16, 2015

#transfertuesday-Week 14

Hello family and friends! 

This has been a good week! We got a lot done! We went on team ups with a ward missionary in our ward named Patrick. He's pretty awesome! We went to go teach Monica because we had a "solid" appointment with her. Buuuuttt. She wasn't there, haha #MissionaryLife. But we went to go see a few people and got some teaching done! 

We also got to see Theresa! We went over her agenda for her baptism. She was really touched and is so excited for it! She is deciding who she wants to speak and who she wants to baptize her. So that will be fun! We also got to go to mutual this week (Bishop asked us to) we went with the priests quorum. And there was this huge army guy teaching cross fit. It was intense. I died a few times, but he awarded me the honorary missionary cross fit champion award. Also, the first counselor of the ward, Brother Ross, took us to Culvers. HOLY COW. That place is so good! Never have had frozen custard before. Now I feel like it should be an everyday thing. 

Along with the unhealthiness theme this week. We went to dinner at the Romreills. We made corndogs and Mac n cheese, and I experienced a little of Celestial glory, DEEP FRIED OREOS! Who knew?! They are SO GOOD! I would recommend y'all try it. We watched the Christmas devotional at President Hepworths home last night! It was awesome! I loved Uchdorft's
talk about Christmas, and that you can still do the presents and remember the true meaning! 

We taught Cedric and his family this week! As well as Derek, and Ron! It was good! None committed to baptism, but are getting closer and closer! The Lord blesses us all! Even in times
of hardship, all can be well. I see that everyday and know it's true. I love all of you so much! Transfers are this week, so send mail at your own risk, I won't know where I live until Tuesday...thanks for everything! Love you!

-Elder Samuel LaVar Ward.

PS. How terrible of me to forget! We also went to the VC (visitors center) and met Sheryl and her grandkids there! Will and Linda drove us! It was so awesome! The Mormon Choral sang! It was beautiful! We then took Sheryl through Gods plan for families. She was very touched, and said she has a lot of thinking to do! 

Mormon Choral


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