Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lumberjack Ward- Week 17

Hello familia!

Another week down! Christmas week was good! A bit stressful, but so good!

We met with Monica earlier last week! We talked with her on the porch because we couldn't get another man to come with us. But we shared a sweet Mormon Message and had a good talk about trials with her! She seemed to like it. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to meet with her again since, but hopefully this week! 

We also met with Dan and chopped a bunch of wood for him. He is one of the most rednecky people of all the
rednecks I've met so far. He lives in a camper trailer on the side of his mom's house right now because he has some pretty terrible health conditions at the moment. But he's hoping to get back in the woods here soon! We split wood for him all day on Christmas Eve. (he put a wood stove in his camper trailer) #redneck. But it works and keeps him warm, and it's awesome!! Needless to say, my back was pretty sore a little later. 

We were supposed to teach Theresa right after that, but she ended up having to give an old lady a bath. But yesterday came, and we went and taught her last night, because she came to church! Hooray! She loved it, and we got a commitment from her to come next week, and the week after! Yay! We taught her the good ol law of chastity. She had a good time with that... her exact words were "I gave up on that years ago!" 😂😂 hahaha it was pretty awesome. 

So Christmas was really good! I got really teary and emotional, but it was so good! We met as a zone of missionaries in the morning and opened presents, then we went to Will and Linda's to skype home which was awesome, and Will gave us BLUE SUEDE SHOES for Christmas! hahaha so awesome! Later we had dinner at Ben and Windy's which was sooooo good, and we played a game called "munchkins" hahah so fun! and they gave us shaving kits! 

All in all, its been a really good week! Thanks so much for all the love and support from back home. I know not every missionary has that, and I'm so grateeful that I do. The letters and packages were amazing! Thank you so much! We are doing well here. The Savior knows us. We are here to become like the Savior and endure to
the end. Just remember that if we do that, we shall be "exhalted on high" I love this work, and the happiness it brings me and others.

Thanks for everything! i love you all!

Also, it's snowing right now! Hardcore. ❄️

-Elder Samuel LaVar Ward

Dinner at the Steins. Shout out to Sawyer Wilcox!

Will Dilullo and a Christmas omelet

Kerby teaching us how to carve and owl

Christmas at the Taylors


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  1. Chop on. The trees are ready to teach. Preparations for your arrivaluable are years in the making. The Lord trust you to find those great oaks.
    I adore you.