Monday, February 22, 2016

Constructing Zion! - Week 24

Hello Family and friends!!

This was a super duper good and busy week!! Lots of things happened!! We taught quite a few less active members, and committed them to come to church and some of them came! So that was cool!! It's also been a really nice week weather wise! 70 degrees or so most of the week! Which was good because most people were out and about doing stuff so we had more opportunity to talk to people!  We also had the chance to do some service a few times!

I went on exchanges again with Elder Pope to the Kearny 3rd area again. It was pretty fun! We tried some potentials there that I have actually met before on the last exchange, and one of them became a new investigator! So that was really exciting to see and be a part of. We went to a member of the Far West Stake Presidency's house, President Meyer. I also went there last time. They are such an awesome family. One thing that I really like about them is that they have such a clean house!! They are just as nice as nice can be. They remind me a lot of my old boss Dr. Cole and his family. And a lot of members from the Chapel Hill Ward and Victory View Ward back home. Just very very nice and friendly and Christ like! I met their son Cole both times. He has been going out with Elder Thompson and Elder Pope a few times. He is really cool. I outlined the Plan of Salvation for him and gave him some parts to talk about for the next lesson he goes with.  There aren't many families like that in the Wood heights Branch. And I'm certainly missing that a little bit haha. It may not seem like it to outsiders, but Missouri is definitely a huge culture shock, and I love it! Although, I'm dreading the summer humidity time coming up haha.

One other thing. WE GOT KYLIE ON DATE FOR BAPTISM!! It was so awesome! Kylie is super solid. Loves the gospel and just can't wait till the day she can be sealed to her husband. She wants her husband Rob to baptize her!! Rob is working towards that!! We don't know exactly how long it will take for him to get there. But we set a goal for them to baptize Kylie on March 26th!! I sneakily suggested that day because it is my Brother Ethan's Birthday and I just think that would be cool! Also, it's the same day as the Women's General Broadcast. So that will be a busy day for her! Just keep her in your prayers that all will go well and that that day can happen!

Also. We stopped by Cheryl and Stevens. That one referral. Last week we weren't able to set up another appointment because they were super busy. But we stopped by this last Friday. And Cheryl came to the door.
She said sorry she never called back haha. But she said that she has read HALF OF THE BOOK!! Not sure if she meant the whole book or first book of Nephi. But we are gonna call it the whole Book of Mormon until we hear otherwise! Haha. It's so amazing! Definitely an answer to prayers! She said she has a couple questions, but that she really liked it! So we have an appointment for Tuesday!! So exciting!!

On Saturday we helped a recent convert build a new deck for his porch. Brother Arnold is his name. He is really cool. And can build anything! So we helped him with that and nailed some new tin roofing onto his shed! So that was fun!

This week I was reading in the book of Alma. And came across Alma 36:30.  This chapter is Alma telling his son Helaman about his conversion after seeing an angel...towards the end of the chapter, after the story of the conversion he says: "But behold, my son, this is not all; for ye ought to know as I do know, that inasmuch as ye shall keep the commandments of God ye shall prosper in the land; and ye ought to know also, that inasmuch as ye will not keep the commandments of God ye shall be cut off from his presence. Now this is according to his word." I realized that the word "prosper" in there also refers to the spiritual meaning. Of course it may refer to material things as well. But I think namely things of the spirit. If we keep the commandments, we prosper. We are successful in obtaining the blessings of being close to the Lord. We are on the track to entering the Lords presence. And if we don't keep the commandments, of course the opposite effect happens, and we are "cut off from his presence." I love how simple the gospel really is.  And how wonderful the blessings are if we live it. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son Of God and that he is the only way for us to return. I Know the commandments are holy and truly are for our benefit. To keep us happy, have eternal families, and to return to Father in Heaven.

I love all of you so much!! Have a splendid week!!
~Elder Samuel LaVar Ward

Brother Arnold's deck! 

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