Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Referrals for Dayzz- Week 23

Well hello! Happy week!!

It's been a pretty good week! We got lots done here in the Wood heights Branch this week! We started off on Monday going referral contacting! Nobody was home, so we left some little notes and such. We taught lots of Less actives this week. One even took us out to dinner! We went to Applebee's. Which it's pretty amazing that they even have that here...we had to get permission to leave the area haha. But I had spinach artichoke dip!! Sister Conner is the one who took us out! It was  really awesome! She brought her non-member friend Ed along. Ed has met with missionaries in the past, in the Independence 4th ward. He was really close to being baptized once upon a time, but he had some issues that hadn't been cleared up yet. And apparently the missionaries just
handled everything utterly terribly wrong, which is so sad. So he wasn't baptized. But he came to dinner, he lives in excelsior now. We cleared up a lot of questions he had. He said he wants to leave everything that happened in Inde. 4th in the past! We weren't able to set up another time to meet with him, but he said it wasn't the last that we would be seeing him! So that was really cool! 

We went on exchanges this week. I Went to the Kearney 1st ward with the  district leader Elder Thompson. It was really awesome! We went to dinner at an awesome members hose WHO IS GOING TO SEE ELLEN THIS WEEK!! Her mom was on it before, on the twins episode, and now they are going back! I told her to tell Ellen that she is awesome from me. So hopefully that gets passed along. But while on the exchange, Elder Taylor and popped went to go see Kylie! Apparently it was really good! She is definitely set on getting baptized, she can't give us a date yet, but we DO know that it's probably going to be in March. She wants her husband to
baptize her, so he is working towards that! 

 We went back yesterday to the referrals home, Cheryl and Steve. We have been praying all week to find solid prepared investigators. We knock on the door, she looks confused, and I'm ready for her to slam it. But we start talking and she says..." Come in!!" Wwwooooaaa! That doesn't just happen. We go in, it turns out they have a granddaughter being raised Mormon. They didn't refer themselves, but they wanted to know more about if she is
being raised right! So we start off with a prayer, and have just an absolutely amazing restoration lesson. They asked all the right questions, and the spirit was just so strong!!! Definitely one of the best lessons I've experienced on my mission so far. They pretty much agreed With everything we talked about That God really can call a prophet today, and that he WOULD and HAS. We invited them to baptism, and they said when they know it's true, that's something they will definitely do. They had some questions about the temple, and we testified of eternal families and the amazing blessings that come from the temple. They LOVED the idea of being sealed for all of time and eternity. They committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. I KNOW that they were truly an answer to our prayers, and will hopefully go to our zone goal of 16 baptisms in the month of March. The Power of Prayer is just so amazing and this work is truly amazing.

 It's so crazy that February is already over halfway over. This transfer is flying! I love this work and know the Lord is at the helm. I love all of you so much!! Have a wonderful rest of the week, talk to you soon!

~Elder Samuel laVar Ward.
(Letters are welcome ;) 
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I'm wearing a Lava Lava because I forgot my pajamas on exchanges this week! 

I didn't give in! 

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