Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Temple Testimonies! -Week 22

Yo yo familia!!

This was a pretty Amazing week! Definitely has been a challenge getting used to Missouri. The people here are just simply awesome! I've seen so many weird pets here. One family has two Guineas. Which I actually thought were turkeys at first. Then there were the monkeys, lots of birds, and creepy looking dogs haha. But it's all part of the mish! I have a rock pet named "Harold the Great" so I guess it's kind of rubbed off on me.

But this was a really super good week! We took Kylie to the wonderful Historic Liberty jail! It was a really good experience. She didn't think that the original key to the jail was real for some reason haha. But the sister missionaries there quickly corrected her. She LOVED the scriptures received there by Joseph Smith. D&C 121-123. It was very spiritual. Well, after that. There is an exit room. Kylie is very interested in the eternal family aspect of the gospel. So I pulled up on the little kiosk the virtual temple tour. And I was like....sssssooooo, you wanna go to the temple? And we did!!!!! It was super great! It was at night. Which the Kansas City Missouri temple is just so beautiful at night. You can see it from the freeway. And there is a 13ft tall angel Moroni on top! So we get there. I explain Some of the symbolism on the outside. Namely Moroni, the fountain, spires, etc. Then Elder Taylor and I run in real quick to ask the front desk guy if we could bring her inside, just up to the desk and in the waiting room. So we did! And she literally was taken aback when she went through that door. The spirit is so strong in the temple, and she definitely felt it. She barely could even get through the door without crying. We told her what the temple is for. What some of the ordinances are. And what significance it has on the Earth. We told her that there is a room that is meant to symbolize being in the celestial Kingdom, and being in the presence of father in heaven, which it definitely feels like. That the temple is a place where Christ can appear if he so pleases. As shown during the Kirtland temple revelations. She loved it so much, as did I. She actually asked when she could be endowed and sealed as a family. I said well, we should start with being baptized first haha. She went home that night with a promise. To talk to her husband about doing what he needs to do in order to baptize her. And she said she is definitely feeling that it will be at the end of February or March. But she won't give us an
actual date yet. Hope fully this week! 

But I definitely have a testimony of the temple. I know that it is the house of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know that the words inscribed on the front "Holiness to the Lord, The house of the Lord" mean exactly that. Everything in the
temple points to the Lord Jesus Christ and helps us return to Him. I desire to help everyone receive that knowledge. And that's such a great blessing to being a missionary!

Ok. This is a really long letter. Sorry. Haha. But I love all of you so much! Hope everyone has a great week! It's crazy how fast time flies. Thanks for all the letters and such! I love you all! Here's my new address! 

209 fine St. Apt. 3  Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

~Elder Samuel LaVar Ward

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