Tuesday, February 16, 2016

You Wicked Little Monkey!- Week 21

Helloooo Familyyyyy!!

              This has been a pretty dang good week. Missouri Is super weird I have found out. Lots of interesting places and people, but its all about the work and experience! We had a really good week teaching people. We beat all of our goals of the specific types of lessons we wanted to teach, whether that was with investigators, less actives, etc. So that was really cool! We took our investigators Kylie and her family to the visitors center this week! She is so cool! we gave her a scripture the  night before to read, and she had it memorized the next day at the visitors center!! that place is definitely my number 2 thing in my top 2 things of this mission. (#1 is that it's Zion) #AlphaAndOmega, The visitors center is just such an amazing place! I heard that they only build visitors centers like that only if there is a temple right next to it. But I was like, well where is this temple? but then I realized that as I was walking out and saw the lot down the street, that it just hasnt been built yet. haha, so thats cool! But the visitors center is such a wonderful and beautiful place and the spirit  is so strong. I can't wait to take my family  there someday.
               We got Kylie to "think" about a date for baptism! We are taking her to the Liberty Jail and Kansas City, Missouri temple grounds this week and will follow up! I'm excited! it was such a good experience! There is a lot of less active work going on in this branch, so we've been focusing a lot on that. But we also are focusing on finding as well. Because Kylie is our only solid investigator at this time. I got to do some service at a farm this week which kind of made me miss working at the Coles a little bit, but it was an awesome experience! they are a part member family. We fixed their grain feeder and put up some fencing! I didn't take any pictures, but we will be back for sure and ill take some then! 
            Sorry thats basically all i've got for this week, but quick spiritual pearl of wisdom...I've had a really wonderful time reading the Book of Mormon this week. I've been thinking about the initiative of "teach repentance and baptize converts" and Alma 23:6 really stood out to me. its so amazing that ALL those thousand some odd people were baptized, became the Anti-Nephi-Lehis, and not a single one fell away! not one! that is so inspiring, and shows how great of  missionaries Aaron and his brethren were. That they could have such a spirit  to be with them, to touch those hearts so strongly that that many were converted, and not one fell away... and that is our goal as missionaries. To baptize converts, not less active people, and to be worthy of carrying that spirit around at all times wherever we go! I hope that I can continue to do that as well and get better at it. I love this initiative, and this scripture has really helped me to understand it, and work towards it. Thanks so much for all that you do! I definitely feel the love from home and around the world.I really appreciate it and love being here. You guys are the best! Keep in contact! I love you!

~Elder Samuel LaVar Ward
Also, the monkey wasn't wicked for any particular reason. The title of the email is a quote from the movie Mrs. Doubtfire... but we weren't allowed to touch or hold them. Because in the state of Missouri, if it even scratches me and I report it, the state just comes in and kills them all, which is kind of sad. But they were super cool!!! Ok I love
you all!!!

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